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Rosasharn Farm
57 County Street
Rehoboth, MA

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About Rosasharn Farm CSA  

Rosasharn Farm is on 80 acres 10 miles east of Providence, RI in Rehoboth, MA. Started in 1986 by Anne Petersen, Rosasharn Farm's main focus was its nationally recognized herd of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. In 2009 Margiana began leasing 5 acres from her mom, Anne, and expanded the farm to include a small vegetable CSA. This transition was natural after years of family food growing experience. We are excited to continue and expand the CSA for its fourth year in 2012! This year Margiana is expanding the educational mission of the farm with more school classes, volunteers, and interns working and learning in an inspiring community together on the CSA.

We farm using sustainable practices that increase soil health and combat weeds, pests, and disease without chemicals. We see our land not as a resource to be mined but as a way to grow food in a beneficial relationship between the land and ourselves. We farm because we love to. And we think we can grow a darn good tomato!

5 Reasons Rosasharn Farm CSA Is Unique

1. We grow community and education as well as food. As a CSA member you are supporting young farmers who are fostering community through: family-friendly free CSA member events, a rigurous internship program for young adults, field-trips for universities, schools, camps, and other programs, Young Farmer Night network to help beginning farmers, and on-farm dinners open to the community. As a CSA member you are an active food and community grower!
2.  We are an ecologically-integrated family farm with both plants and animals. There is always something exciting to visit or learn about on the farm. As a CSA member you can stop by the farm to cuddle cute baby goats, see our beautiful pair of peacocks, and pat Bill the friendly Water Buffalo!
3.  We offer other products in addition to our fresh, healthy, and chemical-free produce. As a CSA member, you can purchase pastured meat chickens, heritage pork, and the richest, tastiest eggs, all from happy animals who live outside on lush pasture and are raised in an environmentally sustainable manner..
4. We grow hundreds of varieties of vegetables to provide variety throughout the 6-month CSA season. Rosasharn grows your favorite vegetables, as well as unique heirloom varieties with interesting stories and culinary potential.  Learn new recipes every other week in our newsletter, at events, and during tastings at pick-up times!
5. We mimic an ecological system in our growing practices with care to improve soil and water quality. Rosasharn is powered by knowledge and creativity, not chemicals. Many hands make light work and delicious, healthy vegetables. We also maintain over 60 acres of wooded wetland habitat. Thus, as a CSA member you are actively helping to protect our valuable natural resources.

How it works

Before the season starts, shareholders pay the farm up front for a season's worth of produce. By paying in advance, shareholders give the farmer the capital to prepare for the coming season and show their commitment to the farm. In addition, shareholders commit themselves to picking up and eating, every week, the produce the farmer harvests throughout the season. This allows the farmer to focus less money and energy on marketing and more on land stewardship and efficient production. CSA members have the opportunity to have a fun and educational experience through their participation in the Rosasharn CSA community. Through member events, work parties, and an expected volunteer time of two hours, members get to know the farmers who grow their food, feel the soil, sun and water that nourishes it, and thus become part of our farm community. No vegetable can taste as good as one you got to watch grow.

Every week, members of the CSA will come to Rosasharn Farm in Rehoboth and pick up their share of harvest.

The produce

Our season begins in June and ends in December. Throughout the months we will offer a variety of produce, including:

snap peas
winter squash
cherry tomatoes
sweet peppers
hot peppers
green beans
summer squash
mustard greens
green onions
jerusalem artichokes
swiss chard
asian pears
hearty kiwis
husk cherries
pac choy
garlic scapes
mesclun mix
new potatoes
mustard greens

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a concept that started in the 1960s in Switzerland and Japan and has becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. throughout the last 30 years. The CSA model is, at its roots, a group of individuals who promise to support a farm in order to secure and preserve agricultural land that will provide them with desired food safety, optimal taste and nutrition, and a physical and/or spiritual connection to what they may come to view as 'their' land. The community and farmer support each other – the community invests in the farm by covering anticipated operational costs, helping on the farm, or contributing other skills beneficial to the farm; the farm provides a 'share' in the great harvests that come each season, a direct and transparent source of fresh produce, and the opportunity to reconnect to the land. The CSA method of supporting farms implies that 'members' understand and accept the risk of farming, especially in today's market, on a small, diversified scale. When conditions lead to a lower supply of a certain produce, members accept this. On the other hand, a bad year for one crop usually means a great year for another. The typical CSA grows a large variety of crops in order to protect itself from uncertainties in both growing and market conditions. The members of the CSA are provided with choice and a direct connection to seasonal appreciation of their food.


Meet the team

Margiana Petersen-Rockney- Manager
Margiana grew up on Rosasharn farm milking goats and playing in the woods. She was home schooled until college. She graduated with a degree in Geology and Biology from Brown University in May 2011. After her freshman year at college she managed the Brown student garden with her friend George Warner. During her sophomore year she took a semester off and bicycled through Southern Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize and worked on a mango farm and a coffee farm along the way. During summer 2009 Margiana began to lease land at Rosasharn Farm from her mom. With a small grant from Brown she ran a small food justice project. Since then Margiana has managed Rosasharn CSA with a goal to grow great food and a great community. During the 2011/2012 winter Margiana will be going to Xela, Guatemala and then to Berkley, CA for a short internship at Chez Panisse restuarant. Never having worked in a restaurant before, she is excited to work in one of very the best. Her hobbies include cooking, beer brewing, woodworking, and contra dancing.

Sianna Plavin- Assistant Manager

Sianna came to the farm in September 2010 and worked as an intern during the full 2011 season. After a full year on the farm she will be the 2012 assistant manager, taking on some managment responsibilities such as organizing member events. Sianna grew up outside Amherst, MA, and graduated from Goucher College in 2009 with a degree in Peace Studies. Sianna worked a Farm-to-Table restuarant in Baltimore before coming to learn about growitg and raising food on Rosasaharn Farm. Sianna is an inspiring learner who asks questions, takes notes, and knows the farm well. Sianna is a wonderful chicken and goat mamma, a talented musician, and a great team member on the farm.

Anna Chou- 2012 Summer Intern
Anna is an undergraduate student from Rutgers University studying the intersection of "Ethics, Economics, and Politics." Her other academic interests are Public Policy and Art History. She is an avid foodie, spending her free time cooking, baking, and seeking out culinary delights. To balance these gustatory pursuits, she enjoys running, playing competitive Ultimate Frisbee, and outdoors activities. Anna is excited to be a part of the team at Rosasharn Farm to promote and learn about sustainable food systems. To  live consciously and responsibly in the world is to live well.


Kiley Friedrich- 2012 Summer Intern

Kiley is a passionate and excited young farmer who asks great questions, is engaged in her work and always has a positive attitude. She studied Environmental Science, Policy and Management with a Sustainability Studies minor at the University of Minnesota. Kiley is a wonderful team member and a quick learner who really loves farm work, fun company, and great food.

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